Born in Chattanooga,TN

Kathryn has been playing piano since the age of 4. She has always been interested in many styles of music. Not only did she study Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Chopin and many other traditional composers, but she enjoyed playing and singing popular music. Kathryn was a music major at North Texas State University. She has played in many different bands...rock,pop,country, blues and funk...and has performed as a pianist/vocalist in her solo act for many years all over the United States. She has also worked as a studio musician, singing and playing on jingles.

Kathryn currently plays with her band, Soundwave, works as a soloist, and also teaches piano at her home studio. She has performed with The Music of Pink Floyd since 1998 and has played In cities such as Buffalo, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, Denver, Omaha , Houston and Ft. Worth.

What equipment do you use?
"I usually play my Roland XV88 in the Music of Pink Floyd, but I also have a Roland XP30, a Korg Triton Le, and a Korg TR Rack."

Who are some of your musical influences?
"Beethoven was probably my first big influence! That was my nickname growing up! But I've always been listening to such a variety on the radio...Carole King was a female pioneer in the 70's and I loved the fact that she wrote her own music. Gloria Estefan, Bonnie Raitt , Stevie Nicks and Faith Hill are all female artists I have admired. Billy Joel, Elton John, Lionel Richie, The Doobie Brothers, Little Feat, Journey, Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire and the Eagles were other great influences."

Tell us about "The Music of Pink Floyd" show and how it impacts you:
"I love being able to be a part of such an unusual pairing of two completely different styles of music. Pink Floyd is its own brand of rock...there's really nothing quite like it...and then to hear the beautiful sounds of the's awesome! It is like a mirror of my own musical background since I have enjoyed so many styles of music mixed together. It is also gratifying to hear how much the audience enjoys it. I am proud to play with such outstanding musicians."

What's on your IPod?
"I don't own an IPod, but I am always listening to various styles of music from smooth jazz to classic rock for ideas for my own music."